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Music in the Episcopal Church can be as diverse as its worship services. Our hymnals draw all Episcopalians together musically in the same way that the Book of Common Prayer draws us together in prayer and liturgy. Joining in song unites our voices in a common offering of praise, thanksgiving, a common bowing in prayer and lament, and mutual encouragement and unity. Just as the Eucharist unites us together through one bread and one cup, we demonstrate and experience that unity in one voice with one purpose.


While congregational song (that is, “the song of God’s people”) is the chief form of musical expression at Ascension, there are other opportunities for those with a desire and willingness to use their voices and abilities to further enhance and enrich worship through music. 


Contact our Music Director, Cory Westby for information!

Interested in seeing some music from Ascension? Find upcoming and past recording musical services at the bottom on this page!