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Welcome to the Episcopal Church of the Ascension!

We are an inclusive, welcoming community rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ. The mission of our community is to love with the heart of Christ and act as the body of Christ in our church, community, and world. Wherever you might find yourself on your faith journey, we hope you will find Ascension a space where you can grow in your faith and relationship with God. 

The Episcopal Church strives to live by the message of Christ, in which there are no outcasts and all are welcome. Walking a middle way between Roman Catholicism and Protestant traditions, we are a sacramental and worship-oriented church that promotes thoughtful debate about what God is calling us to do and be, as followers of Christ. Click through the categories below to learn more about Ascension and how we can join you on your journey. If at any point you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out here.

Don't recognize some of the words on this page? Click on the hyperlinks to read a definition, or find our Episcopal Glossary linked below.



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