Avis Johnson Oehlbeck Library


  • Bibles, bible study and bible interpretation

  • Book of Common Prayer (all editions)

  • Books of prayers, meditation, and spiritual development

  • Hymnals (one copy of each edition)

  • Materials from Ascension’s study groups (religious education)

  • Historical items (i.e., photographs, newspaper articles, etc.) for the Episcopal Church of the Ascension and the Diocese of Western North Carolina

  • Materials explaining Episcopalian theology

  • DVDs

  • Books on spiritual development and prayer (published after 1999)

The library does not collect:

  • Adult Fiction

  • Non-christian, reference materials

  • Audio tapes or VHS media

  • Magazines

  • Duplicate editions

  • Materials in damaged condition


Church members may borrow books and DVDs for a three week period. Items may be renewed one time for an additional three week period.


Donations (books, DVDs, and money) are gratefully accepted.  Please review the above collection policy before donating materials. 

Damaged items, materials in poor physical condition, or outdated media will be discarded.  Items in good condition that do not meet the collection policy will be sold at church book sales or donated to the public library.


To keep our collection relevant it is necessary that we periodically discard items, such as:

  • Outdated material

  • Items that do not support Episcopalian theology

  • Damaged items (e.g., musty, dirty, etc.)

Discarded items in good condition will be offered at church book sales or donated to the public library.

The Episcopal Church of the Ascension

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